Zuzu's Petals. Let’s talk about that name. “Zuzu” is a reference to a character in the Christmas classic, It’s a Wonderful Life, which happens to be my husband’s and my favorite movie. (In fact, while watching this movie on Christmas day, 2010, my husband proposed to me ♡) In the film, the youngest daughter, Zuzu, of the main character, George Bailey, brought a flower home from school.  When she was upset that a few petals had fallen off, George pretended to reattach them and secretly slipped them into his pocket for safekeeping. Towards the end of the movie, after being shown what the world might be like had he never been born, George is given a second chance at life. Changes that had occurred while he didn’t exist were reversed. His first realization that the world had been restored was when he found that Zuzu's petals were once again in his pocket. While this storyline doesn’t necessarily have a direct connection to clothing and fashion, we can probably all agree that Zuzu's Petals is a lovely little name from a tender tale that reminds us to be grateful for the people, things and moments that bring us joy and comfort and love and make us feel pretty like a flower in this Wonderful Life.


I love fashion. Always have. I guess I inherited this love affair from my mom. I grew up in a small town in East Central Illinois, so clothes shopping meant that Mom and I would take trips to St. Louis or Indianapolis. We would spend hours putting complete outfits together; then, fill the trunk of the car and haul our clothing procurements home. During lazy days, I could be found thumbing through Glamour, Seventeen, Cosmopolitan, Vogue and Mademoiselle for fashion inspiration. When I was old enough to ride the train by myself or with a friend, I would make shopping trips to Chicago, and I must tell you: it felt like the mothership was calling me home! In fact, since moving to Idaho, when I learn that a friend is going shopping in Chicago, I request that they have “a moment” for me on Michigan Ave, a.k.a., The Magnificent Mile. I am always flattered and excited when friends ask for styling advice, and I happily dispense my acquired fashion insight.

I worked in the retail clothing industry several years before attending college.  After earning my master’s degree in Clinical Psychology, I held a highly gratifying position for eight years as a Career Advisor at Eastern Illinois University. In 2009, I moved to Idaho, to be with the man who would eventually be my husband and soulmate. Following the move, I quickly discovered that breaking into higher education without rich connections was a difficult undertaking; and so, I worked various jobs – some of which were satisfying; others not so much. Upon the recommendation of my dear friend, Margie, I decided to entertain the idea of opening a business.  A clothing boutique seemed like the obvious choice.  Once the idea was conceived, and although the prospect of being a business owner was a bit daunting, I approached it with jubilant enthusiasm!  

It is my hope that after you enter Zuzu’s Petals, a new friendship is formed and that you leave with the feeling of shopping with your best friend. 

XOXO, Kelli